Bots of Fury is a fast paced action-arcade style shooter game with ROBOTS! Blast away to destroy the enemy which is trying to stop you from destroying the world! Are you protecting the city? Or invading it? Who knows?! There is only one way to find out! With 9 stages of mind-blowing hardcore craziness, colorful explosions, and tons of weapons heading your way the fun never stops as the game repeats itself! Level up to grow stronger and defeat the town's defenses! Unlock each stage and beat each boss to progress until you are the top rank! Stay tuned for future updates and downloads!

Coming Soon!

Release Notes:

08/06/14: Version 0.02a (5mb). Lots of bug fixes and optimizations. New music! Getting ready for network functions.

08/03/14: Version 0.01a (3mb). First alpha uploaded. First two mounts can be tamed. Day/night system started. So much more to come! Stay tuned!

Flatlands is an online multiplayer sandbox style game. This game is currently evolving but the goal is to have a game that allows you to create and interact with your own worlds in just about anyway you can imagine! The game also has a defensive aspect to it currently and a day/night system which initiates the aggressive nature of your maps. We will update Alpha and Beta versions of the game to this website for public testing periodically.

Play the FLATLANDS alpha now:

DOWNLOAD (5mb / Win PC)

version 0.02 alpha

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Browser and mobile platform versions will be available at a later date. 

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